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Recent Submission Categories:
- Revolutionary War Non-Fiction
- Historical Fiction
- Science-based Fiction
- Survey & Introductory College Textbooks
- Survey & Introductory College Life-Science Textbooks
- Science Based Mystery
- Non-fiction & Fiction Based on Climate Change
- Baseball (Fiction & NF)
Recent Author/​Publisher Dispute Categories:
- The pulishing industry is as discombobulated as I have ever seen it.
Publishers are struggling with all the changes being tossed their
way. Not financially for the most part, but in defining their role
in a digital age that is rapidly transforming the industry. How to
deal with new formats; in some cases dramatically diminished price
points; and new distribution channels? Will publishers continue to
have a major role in the next decade? With this backdrop, I am seeing
increasing numbers of problems with:
- publisher compliance with contracts in general;
- the "orphaning of books" due to increased editor turnover;
- poor and sometimes non-existent marketing;
- failure to revert rights to authors even though a publisher is
unable or unwilling to fulfill the contract;
- bad faith use of the "satisfactory clause" to reject author
- and always, always accounting errors ranging from merely negligent
to highly suspect.

Authors simply must be diligent about reading their royalty statements. If you don't know what you are looking at, and not too many do, find an expert to periodically review the statements for you.

Publish, Promote and Protect
Your Creative Works

Lennie Literary Agency & Author’s Attorneys combines publishing insight, legal expertise, and marketing savvy in a full-service literary agency.

Michael Lennie's expertise with regard to publishing practices, contract negotiations, licensing, and author/​publisher relations provides a unique advantage representing authors as both a literary agent and an attorney. His literary agency and law offices represent fiction, nonfiction and textbook authors in a variety of genres.

Lennie Literary Agency works with authors to position their projects and match them with the appropriate publishers. In addition to our work with established authors, we commit a portion of our efforts to discovering new and diverse voices and partnering with them to develop their literary careers. On our clients’ behalf, we work with publishers to support our authors, negotiate contracts and champion creative marketing plans.

* trade and textbook book placement
* experienced contract negotiations
* marketing/​promotion plans
* world, foreign, film and television right sales


The Law Offices of Michael Lennie offer legal services for authors, including:
* contract review and/​or negotiation
* drafting of collaboration agreements
* drafting of permissions forms
* author/​publisher contract dispute resolution
* copyright issues
* royalty issues

Michael Lennie has negotiated hundreds of major contracts for both established and first-time authors, in all genres. He regularly speaks at workshops and conferences around the country on publishing legal issues. As National Advisor to the Text and Academic Authors Association, he regularly advises professionals on how to protect their work and their careers.

Please inquire for more information!

Michael: I accept nonfiction projects, including textbooks, as well as fiction.

Non-fiction: science for non-scientists including environmental; foreign or domestic policy; historical; biography; military history; baseball; historical memoir; and textbooks at all grade or college levels particularly those in large survey-type courses (Intro to Psychology, Intro to Biology, Intro to Business, etc.).

Fiction: historical fiction; mystery (legal thriller; history-based; science-based; medical thriller; or crime fiction); political fiction; good story telling of any type; fiction with cultural themes; fiction with a performing or fine arts theme (music, dance, theater, sculpture, or painting); and baseball.

We do not represent children's or YA, fantasy, horror, original screenplays, or poetry.

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