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OUR TOP THREE TIPS FOR NON-FICTION WRITERS 1. Ask yourself these questions: - Is there a commercial need for this book? Why? - Who is the book-buying audience for this book? - Why am I the most qualified author to write this book? 2. Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal FIRST! A proposal sells nonfiction. A publisher/agent will review a proposal and 2-3 sample chapters. You do not have to complete the entire nonfiction manuscript. 3. Keep up the good work: enter writing contests; submit nonfiction articles or fiction features to magazines, journals, newspapers and online publications. This not only shows your commitment and expertise in writing, but also shows there is a public demand for your work while building your credits! --> For more information on writing a proposal, please contact us.


1. Create a PITCH for your story.
In 25-50 words, answer: “Who does What to Whom, Why and Where?” Pretend you are writing an ad for a movie and tell the story in 1-3 sentences. This is sometimes referred to as the 'elevator pitch', ie. if you've got a short ride in the elevator with someone important, what information do you prioritize conveying to them? Note: "My book is so hard to explain; it's a romance that will resonate with any reader" is a very typical weak pitch. Have fun with it! What will leave your listener begging for more?

2. Share the “story” behind your story.
Ask yourself “Why did I write this book?” The author’s story is important and can help sell the book. Develop a story that tells why you were inspired to write the story, why you are the expert and what you hope to share with readers. This builds interest in your work!

3. The first 50 pages!
The first 50 pages must be FANTASTIC. If you feel that Chapter 1 is not that great, or that it starts to pick up after page 60, remember that editors and agents won’t get this far! We highly recommend workshopping your first 50 pages in writing groups and at writing conferences. Sharing your work with a workship enables you to obtain feedback from a test audience. What works? What doesn't? The fact that you'll make great friends is just a bonus!

For all writers: Lennie Literary Agency highly recommends that you attend any writers conferences you can! There's something to be learned everywhere.